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From the Desk of: Geoff Stephen, 20-year Internet Professional Marketer

If you don't have the unique, powerful, and simplified information in my BOOT CAMP Video training, you simply don't (or won't) have an online business. This is where thousands of successful digital marketers have started, and continue to be successful..

There is NO other information available that simplifies your entire online earning situation into E-Z, Step-by-Step, "do-this-then-do-that" formatted onine videos.

Marketing Fundamentals BOOT CAMP
Essential "Profit Mode" Video Training

This is over 4 1/2 HOURS of solid, up-to-date, what's working NOW, video training that is essential to getting your online business off the ground.

NOTE: These videos are taught by me (Geoff Stephen). This ain't no off-shoot b.s. video training. This is me showing YOU exactly how to start off right so you can dominate your market quickly and efficiently.

This course consists of 4 videos and covers the following:

Module #1: Digital Marketing Fundamentals (1 hr.)

Some of the topics I cover in this module:

  • The exact foundational model that ALL successful online marketers use to generate massive revenue through digital marketing.
  • The biggest screw-up you're making when setting up your online marketing processes.
  • The 3 "pillars of focus" in digital marketing. If these aren't your "3", you might as well quit now.
  • The "filter" needed in your process to consistently build your influence with your leads and customers.
  • Where your Emails and autoresponders fit into the equation, and why you're dead in the water without them.
  • How to simplify profit generation into 3 simple dum-dum proof steps.
  • The simple tools necessary to start your business with, manage your business with, and grow your business with, and where to get immediate access to these tools all in one place.
  • PLUS lots more essential marketing information..

Module #2: The Profit Funnel Model (1 hr.)

Some of the topics I cover in this module:

  • The exact funnel you need to build that generates endless income with cold leads, in any business or industry.
  • The 4-page super simple funnel that ALL successful businesses use to generate daily sales.
  • The perfect "lead magnet" process that magnetically draws in leads and drowns you in sales.
  • The lead magnet "bass ackwards" screw-up that almost everyone makes when they start out.
  • How to get "confirmed" optin leads through a secret hidden process (that I invented) that actually gets them to optin and confirm again.
  • The ONE tool that enables you to create your entire funnel with 2 EZ clicks of your mouse (video demonstration).
  • PLUS tons more information on creating the perfect funnels..

Module #3: Email Domination (1.5 hrs.)

Some of the topics I cover in this module: 

  • How to dominate in email marketing without sounding like a sleazy garbage-sucking biz-op marketing loser.
  • My 3-point "ETC" process behind every profitable email I've ever written.
  • The 5 part email-building formula that I use every day to dominate with my 20-minute "caffeine" emails.
  • How to be unforgettably unignorable in an ocean of email marketing mediocrity.
  • The "know, like & trust" bullsh*t myth and what you should REALLY be focusing on (sorry gurus).
  • Why you should "never" personalize your emails like the masses of idiot marketers already out there failing.
  • How often you should be emailing your list, and why this timing is the foundational formula for your future success.
  • Why your "greed need" for sales can be the back-breaker of your very existence in email marketing.
  • How to polarize your list instantly into either "tire-kickers" or "raving buying fans" by allowing your list to be fooled into being offended by your emails.
  • How to have a daily conversation with your list that "silently transitions" them into buying everything you’re selling.
  • PLUS even more business-building email wisdom..

Module #4: Affiliate Domination (1 hr.)

Some of the topics I cover in this module:

  • How to crush daily sales (of any product) when you don't even have a product of your own.
  • The formula behind the ACTUAL things you need to focus on to triple your sales without changing your process.
  • How to use these formulas to consistently generate more income whenever you need it.
  • The "tiny number tweaks" you can do NOW to grow your revenue and become a top affiliate.
  • What numbers you NEED to switch your focus to, before your income will EVER increase online.
  • PLUS much more ways to dominate your affiliate market..

Pure awesomeness! 

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Geoff Stephen


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: This is not a trial offer and I don't provide refunds. All sales are final. 

Q: Why should I listen to you? What's your experience?

A: I have been in internet marketing for about 20 years. I have built many online businesses and have sold just about anything that can be sold online. I have built membership sites with close to 300,000 members in total. All built through email marketing, I might add.  I have trained thousands of marketers via video courses, countless webinars, one-on-one consulting and coaching, workshops, and at live marketing events across the country. But really, you should listen to me because I'm going to help you make more sales. Period.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: How about email? Opt in to: and you can contact me through that email process.

Q: Do you have an affiliate program for this?

A: Yes. EmailReboot subscribers have access to it.


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